The Metronom is located on Calle Fusina, next to the Plaza del Mercado del Born. It is a one-story building between party walls that was originally used as a warehouse and more recently as an exhibition hall. The façade is articulated in five large semicircular arches with molded stone, which follow exactly the same pattern used in the neighboring buildings on Fusina Street. The central arch comes from the access to the property, while the rest, of the same height, have a bench at the foot, to differentiate them from the portal. Between each arch we find individual pilasters crowned by capitals of very quadrangular morphology, with simple foliaceous decorative elements. Above, the cornice, with little external development, is supported by numerous simple strips. The building is crowned by a long openwork stone railing and, above it, a sub-ellipsoidal pediment that in the center, has “MCMXVIII” sculpted in Roman numerals, 1918. The building is considered somewhat older, from the late 19th century Hence, this inscription could respond to the installation of the pediment. Above, there is a small construction without remarkable features, which gives access to the upper patio. The façade of the building is currently in a very good state of conservation, so that no action was taken on the original state of the stone. It was only cleaned with soap and water to leave it in its original color state.


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