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We are a wedding catering located in Barcelona specialized in all types of weddings.

And at Catering l’Esclusivitá we want it to be a special and unforgettable day. That is why we have thought down to the smallest detail so that you can enjoy a day as special as your wedding day.

At Exclusivitá Catering we want to make your event a unique and unrepeatable experience. We are a company founded in 2010 dedicated to high-end customers, we came out with a team of more than 18 years of experience in the sector in its components following the evolution of the hospitality industry in catering with the best professionals in the sector . That is why our challenge is to take the cuisine of the restaurant wherever you want to improve the current gastronomic level in the market by adapting to any schedule or type of service, gastronomic modality or any of the particular event.

“In this type of event you always meet loved ones which increases the emotional level of himself and thus his demand. That is why we would very much like to be able to be with you on your wedding day.”




¡Together forever!

We had to be a deluxe restaurant with few tables, with exquisite treatment, top notch cuisine but catering. That’s why we had to adopt the philosophy of exclusivity, holding only one event per day as it allows us to work differently than most, and so we achieved the following purposes:

First of all to be able to dedicate an extensive attention and communication with our client to soak us of his ideas later to be able to catch them, to organize them and carry them out, giving our constant advice to achieve harmony from the beginning to the end of the event. Second, by not looking for a volume of daily events, it allows us to hurry in the purchase of raw materials so that they are as fresh as possible and be prepared when needed without losing the slightest quality because the our client enjoys our gastronomy. And third, we always go to the same team to work, supported by extra waiters as all caterers do, but having a single event we are not forced to divide the usual staff into several events being our base at every banquet.

At Catering L’Esclusivitá, we have the best options for your Wedding!

“Catering par excellence in Barcelona.”

We exceed your expectations

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Catering for Weddings L’Esclusivitá

What they say about our Wedding Catering!

A continuació us deixem els comentaris dels nostres clients en els principals portals de Noces d’internet ..

Great … A 10!

Great night, a 10 in all, very good and plentiful food, professionalism, speed and above all sympathy and kindness on the part of the whole team, especially Xavi, at all times he was attentive to us and the rest of the people so that he did not miss nothing, and Roger was very attentive and kind to us all these months, keep it up, Congratulations and thank you so much for all the dedication you have put in!


We couldn’t have chosen better! Daniel is an excellent person who is very attentive in the whole process of any doubt or idea you have. It adapts very well to your needs, and its main goal is that both you and your guests are satisfied and have an excellent gastronomic experience. Everyone loved the food! For us, the best option.


We chose the catering for our wedding with L’esclusivitá catering and from the beginning Roger was a charm with us, treating us very closely and helping us in everything. The food was delicious, quantity and the presentation of the dishes was also perfect.


For the exclusive Catering I have only a huge thank you. They guided me from the first moment, of course one does not marry 6 times and knows everything, because they do and they do great. On the day of the test we were fascinated with each dish and at the wedding and people kept telling me that everything was delicious. Hire Exclusivity is a super hit. A special thanks to Dani, he was attentive to the event from the beginning, he had incredible details towards us and this shows his professionalism but above all his human quality. Thank you very much to the whole team for the attention and every detail in our day.