Màfic is a space located in the eixample of Barcelona, where two worlds coexist linked by a forklift. Entering Màfic means having two very different spaces at your fingertips, for your ideas to erupt.
2 spaces, 235 m2, anthracite gray walls, anthracite gray micro-cement floor, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, natural light, bluetooth sound bar, outdoor garden, cloakroom, elevator on the first floor, double-load coffee maker, bathroom for the disabled, table and chairs for 14 people, entrance by pedestrian street and direct access from the street, smoking area, entrance for cars and vans, nearby parking.
116 m2, 4.83 m sloping ceiling, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, Full HD projector, amplifier, stereo speakers, bluetooth sound bar, PC and Mac connectors / adapters, forklift, bioethanol fireplace, kitchen, table and chairs for 10 people .


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